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The legendary Boris Eifman Ballet Theater in Yerevan

On October 5 and 6, for the first time in Armenia, the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet presented Boris Eifman's ballet Rodin, his eternal idol, at the National Academic Theater named after G. Sundukyan. The performances were shown by the program of the 20th international festival of performing arts "Hayfest" and with the support of the Ruben Vardanyan Foundation.

Boris Eifman's ballet "Rodin, His Eternal Idol" tells the story of the life and work of two great sculptors: Auguste Rodin and his student, lover and muse, Camille Claudel. Their love story is truly tragic. For more than 15 years, Rodin and Claudel have been one inseparable whole, both sensually and creatively.

The couple's eventual separation was a fatal blow to Camille's mental health, leading to her tragic end. Half-forgotten, isolated and poor, Camille becomes insane. His mind, damaged by mental disorders, is constantly filled with a tormenting paranoid belief that there is a conspiracy inspired by him and inspired by Rodin. He spends 30 long years in a mental hospital where he dies in 1943, abandoned and completely forgotten.

Rodin, His Eternal Idol is a comprehensive creative study of the tragic path of genius. Boris Eifman, turning to the distinctive plastic of modern psychological ballet, not only offers a new interpretation of the world of human passions masterfully depicted by Rodin and Claudel, but also through his work reveals the obscure mystery of the creative process.

"The life and love story of Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel is an amazing tale of an incredible dramatic alliance between two artists, where everything was intertwined: passion, hatred and artistic jealousy. The spiritual and energetic exchange between the two sculptors was a remarkable phenomenon; being so close to Rodin, Camille inspired his work, helping him to find a new style and create masterpieces; and as his own talent matured with great rapidity, he himself became a great sculptor. Her beauty, youth and genius were all sacrificed for her beloved," says Boris Eifman, People's Artist of Russia, art director.

The premiere of the ballet took place in 2011 in St. Petersburg, after which it was presented in theaters in New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Beijing, Moscow and other cities. The performance won the Golden Mask and Golden Soffit awards.

The St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet was founded by Boris Eifman in 1977 (the original name of the company was the New Leningrad Ballet). The concept of the new ballet was highly innovative for its time. from the beginning, the vision was to develop it as an experimental laboratory, a one-choreographer ballet theater.

Today, ballet lovers in Europe, Asia, America and Australia marvel at St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet's productions: Red Giselle, Russian Hamlet, Anna Karenina, Eugene Onegin, Rodin, His Eternal Idol, Beyond Sin, Requiem, Up and Down, Tchaikovsky; PRO et CONTRA, The Pygmalion Effect, Moliere's Passion or The Masque of Don Juan, The Seagull. History of ballet.

These widely acclaimed works not only represent the highest level of artistic achievement of Russian modern ballet, but also introduce international audiences to Russia's spiritual heritage and the best of world culture, inspiring the work of the choreographer and his dancers.

For several decades, the Eifman Ballet has been successful in performing on the world's best stages. The company's ability to immerse its audience in the infinite world of human passion, to create a strong spiritual connection, to surprise and sometimes overwhelm them with the strength and energy of its plastic, defined and ensured its recognition.

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