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On July 15 and 16, the first open-air music festival TATEV MIDSUMMER MUSIC FEST was held in Tatev. which was attended by around 4,000 visitors․ The event took place in front of the Wings of Tatev ropeway, where 11 artists performed over two days.

The festival program included performances by Nemra, Lav Eli, Katil rock bands, as well as elec tronic music artists such as Hayk Karoyi, daao, g.zelle and others. The musical group Bambir presented an exclusive performance, the plot of which conveys the history of the Armenian people from Hellenistic times to the present days. The “Wings of Tatev” ropeway provided a 20% discount for all festival participants and for the first time launched additional rides from 20.00 to 22.00․

In the meantime, the high mood of the ropeway procession was ensured by the "DJs" performing in the cabins. On the second day of the festival, before the main music program, master classes in pottery, t-shirt painting, as well as cooking and cocktail making courses were held. During the event, artist Areg Balayan Blojik created a painting dedicated to the festival. Music therapy sessions were performed by "Nvagaran", during which the guests were able to experience the nature and music of Armenia in the picturesque location of Tatev.

Festival participants visited Tabby, GGH by Chechil cafes and Jagermeister, Armenia Wine and other bars. A separate camping area was available for guests for an additional fee and excursions to Khndzoresk and Old Goris were organized. The organizer of the TATEV MIDSUMMER MUSIC FEST is TIME TO, a creative agency speci alizing in holding major festivals and other events in Armenia. The agency gives preference to the regional cities of Armenia when choosing locations for events, in order to develop domestic tourism, attract more tourists and support local businesses.

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