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The first major gastrofest was held in Dilijan

On May 6-8 the City park of Dilijan (Tavush region) hosted a three-day gastronomic festival GASTROFEST, which was attended by more than 20 restaurateurs from different regions of Armenia. The event was held in the format of a city fair, where, in addition to tastings, live music concerts, dance master classes, and a gastronomic quest have been organized.

The participants of the festival presented their own concepts to the guests, a set of dishes and drinks that their region is famous for, as well as tell about their culinary traditions. As part of the gastronomic quest, guests were able to complete special tasks from chefs and receive prizes.

Each festival day was accompanied by live music concerts from Armenian musicians and bands, including Mikael Voskanyan, Tmbata Orchestra, Tiezerk Band, Aveluk, Rozental, Hayk Karoyi, Nick Ter-Havhannisyan, Dave Geodakyan, Arman Peshtmalijyan and Serjo.

The Karin Ensemble organized dance master classes, during which anyone was able to learn Armenian folk dances.

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